Traffic Light System

With the Traffic Light system now being mandatory for our type of business, it will be a requirement of entry to MegaBounce Trampoline Arena for all those aged 12 years & 3 months over, to be double-vaccinated for COVID-19. We will need to sight/scan your “My Vaccine Pass” before you can enter the MegaBounce building.

This is an unprecedented situation, and we ask for your patience as we work through how this traffic light system is going to work for us and our customers.

And most importantly – please be nice to our staff, they are simply enforcing the traffic light regulations. If you have questions get in touch:

This is what we know so far:

  • You will not be able to enter the building without presenting a valid My Vaccine Pass.
  • We check this by sighting/scanning your My Vaccine Pass.
  • This applies to everyone over 12 years & 3 months old.
  • Scanning the Pass confirms that you are vaccinated. It does NOT allow us to store any of your personal information.
  • We may ask for ID to prove that it is your My Vaccine Pass should we need to.
  • You will still need to scan the COVID app during your time at the Arena.


When in ‘Orange’ and ‘Red’, facemasks remain mandatory. This means:

  • Facemasks must be worn when not seated at a table.
  • You may remove to eat and drink when seated at a table.
  • Facemasks are recommended when jumping on the trampolines, but not mandatory.
  • You can download the My Vaccine Pass onto your mobile device. A printed copy is also acceptable if you do not have a device.

Note that exemptions are included as part of the My Vaccine Pass. No other exemptions will be accepted.

My Vaccine Pass: Sign in, log in or download here:

The Traffic Light System: read more here:

If this change means you are now unable to attend your jump session and your booking was made prior to Nov 24th Nov, please e-mail to discuss your booking. All bookings made after this date will be as per our refund policy.