Our Arena has 4 core areas with around 60 trampoline surfaces!


Freestyle Jump

Open Jump area
The open jumping arena is one of our main bounce surfaces. With over 30 interconnected trampolines to enjoy, you won’t want to leave. Our open jump arena is just one of 5 core area’s of our arena all of which are available for when you pay for a 1 hour jump session!

Air Bag

Don’t miss out on our custom designed dedicated detached Air Bag pit! The Air Bag is super easy to get on and off of so it means more reps for you! The Air Bag does not cost extra; it is included in your jump time! So what are you waiting for? Get your Bounce on!

Dodgeball Court

Dogeball area
You’ve seen the movie, now it’s your turn to join in the fun! Dodgeball is the ultimate trampoline team game where two teams bounce around “dodging” balls from the opposing team. If you get hit you’re out – the last one standing wins!


MegaWallWe have two super tramps with a two angled wall purpose built for our advanced jumpers. Get Mega height!

Tumble Track

We have a 13.5 meter tumble track included in our Open Jump area along with two 5 meter tumble tracks great for our advanced tumblers!

Basket Ball Hoops

slam dunk
Our arena has 2 basketball hoops of different heights! Great for all ages and sizes!



There are many benefits of jumping!